We Care About Our Environment...

Here at Acorn Timber Engineering, the environment matters. Predominantly being a Timber using company we can sometimes be associated with worldwide issues such as deforestation. This is a large misconception however as all timber used in Britain has to be sourced from the EU. Within the European Union, forests are managed correctly, in such a way that our forests are currently growing every year at a rate of 3,500 square miles. This means that within the EU, the use of timber in production is helping to counter worldwide de-forestation. Furthermore Acorn Timber Engineering are in the process of becoming ISO9001 & PEFC accredited. The ISO9001 accreditation is a guarantee to our customers that we are well organised, efficient and correctly managed in terms of service to our customers but also with the environment in mind.  PEFC is an accreditation that assures you, our customers that we use only sustainably managed timbers. Its is our policy that we only use suppliers that are members of the FSC and the PEFC and that they are all fully compliant with the correct chain of custody certifications.  

What About The Transportation Of Our Products?

Our products are transported usually by flat bed lorries, on the surface this may sound like an un-friendly impact on the environment. However every business in some way or another requires the use of transportation. Here at Acorn Timber Engineering we manage our loads with the environment in mind. Being a Nationally targeted business, we aim to co-ordinate our loads to get multiple projects on one wagon, rather than sending out a single wagon to each individual job. 



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